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Commissioning original artwork
Art is for life ~ Commission that special gift for that special someone in your life. I will be happy to undertake work for you in any medium. Please contact me to chat about your commission.

If you would like to commission a special piece of artwork from me, please feel free to contact me either via e-mail at or via telephone on 44+0750427692. I will be very happy to chat to you about your ideas - without obligation.

I use only the very best art materials. All artwork is supplied with a signed certificate of authenticity and instructions for its longevity. No artwork is supplied with a mat or frame as it is felt these are to be left to your personal taste.

Artwork makes a wonderfully unique present for any special occasion and I have no doubt that your commissioned piece of artwork will give pleasure to the recipient for very many years to come, later becoming a family heirloom.

I will be happy to work from your own photograph/s so long as they show good clear images of the subject. All photographs will be returned on completion of the artwork.

If you didn't personally take the photgraphs, written permission to work from them will be required from the copyright holder before any work can begin.

A 50% non-refundable deposit will secure your place on my busy schedule.

Prints and Printing
All prints offered on this site use the Giclée process with Epson archival ink for stability and longevity. Printing is on white, heavyweight quality card for superb results.

Postage rates and Shipping
All original artwork is shipped free of charge. Prints are charged at £7 GBP ($9 USD) for the first print plus £2 GBP ($3.60 USD) for each per additional print. Shipping will be by the most convenient and quickest method - usually tubed by first-class post in the UK, or by air mail 'printed papers' service outside of the UK. Please allow 28-days for delivery, although we expect delivery to be made within that time.

Currency conversion
All prices on all gallery pages carry a "currency converter". Just point your mouse at the button to get instant results. The Currency converter is updated regularly, so amounts reflect fairly accurate results, but the actual amount payable will depend on the exchange rate applicable to your currency at the time of purchase. Any quoted Dollar amounts in the text on this site are close estimations and not updated.

Payment options
This site uses the PayPal shopping cart system for your security. PayPal currently has over 90 million account holders and a reputation for secure transactions. They also provide a buffer for your payment method - we do not get to see your card or bank details. You no longer need a PayPal account to make use of the shopping cart. If you do not have either a credit card or a PayPal account, please email us for alternate methods of payment.

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